How it Works

We offer up to 12 sessions of counselling which are initially on a weekly basis but may be further spaced as the therapy progresses. The service is family friendly and aims to be accessible to anyone who needs it. We provide free creche support but will also see mothers with their babies.

We are able to deal with the wide range of problems that occur during pregnancy and in the postnatal period, including depression, anxiety, birth trauma, obsessive thoughts and bonding difficulties.

We offer a pragmatic, flexible model of talking therapy which is recommended by the NICE guidelines for the treatment of mild to moderate PND. Our therapists have a broad range of skills including CBT, and parent infant psychotherapy and we aim to provide a tailored approach best suited to the individual needs of the mother and her baby.

Our service has been recognised and validated by the Centre for Excellent Outcomes C4EO and we have been highlighted by gov.uk Public Health England as an example of best practice in perinatal mental health http://bit.ly/2aX0MJY.