Our Services


We offer perinatal and postnatal counselling to women living within the Royal Borough of Greenwich. We offer a 12 week intervention based on a recommended therapeutic approach (NICE Guidelines 2014) that has been shown to be effective in:

  • Increasing the well-being of mothers who are experiencing pnd
  • Increasing confidence in parenting skills
  • Improving the bond between mother and baby (if this is an issue)


YoungMumsAid offers free weekly psychotherapy sessions in Woolwich Children’s Centres, along with a crèche, to pregnant and new mothers aged 16 – 19.  We aim to work alongside young mothers, supporting their emotional wellbeing and promoting infant mental health.


We are committed to challenging the stigma that often surrounds PND and is responsible for many women not seeking the help and support they need. Providing training to ensure that professionals who work with new mothers are informed and knowledgeable about Perinatal mood disorders is therefore a vital part of what we offer.


We can provide clinical supervision to anyone working with perinatal mental health issues.  Please contact us for more details.

For more information about our training packages please email info@mums-aid.org